Motherhood is NOT my calling!

“Geez, you don’t want kids.. Why?!?”

As a 36-year old married, Indian female, I’m often annoyed by this one question or its variants. Culturally, Indians are known to be a very tight-knit community. Unlike the American culture, where asking personal questions is considered rude, it is not the same for…

Photograph by R. M. Nunes/iStock

Born as a Xennial, I’ve witnessed at least several dozen examples of mankind’s evolution.. especially when it comes to digital transformation. As an early 1980’s kid, I remember the transition from landlines to cell phones. Reminiscing about those whizzing modem sounds still cracks me up even though it makes me…

Peeping Panoramas

Experimental thinker, food-enthusiast, culturally savvy, people-person with a tad bit of penchant for writing.. and a cog in the consulting wheel..

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